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Stiver’s Strength & Wellness is MOVING!

Stiver’s Strength & Wellness is MOVING!

WOOHOO! We are so excited for Nathan as he is moving into a new space on Southland Drive.  Now is the time to score some great deals! Below is some info from here with their upcoming class info!

SSW will be offering 3 types of group classes at the new location.

Hybrid Training-60 min: a perfect blend of functional strength, corrective exercise and conditioning work to build a durable, strong, lean body.

Strength Training 60-90 min: depending on strength level (other possible names include Barbell-lates or Liftercize)-its all in the name. The purpose of this class is to get members brutally strong and layer that strength on good movement. You may not be ready to perform the barbell lifts but this class will adapt to your level with the goal of progressing towards barbell training. Barbell training is a skill and this class aims to teach you how to train with THE most useful piece of equipment in ANY gym.

Conditioning-30 min: this is a supplemental class and not a stand alone program. The goal of this class is to give members a high intensity, short duration metabolic workout (the most efficient type of cardio when trying to lose bodyfat). This class is perfect for a quick metabolism booster if you’re short on time OR it can act as an extra workout for those in our Hybrid or Strength Training program.

2-4 hybrid or strength classes per week and 1-2 conditioning classes is our recommended dose of SSW (Somebody call the doctor because we’re dishin’ out medicine!)

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