Why is catering so expensive?

Last week Sarah asked me to call around a few different places and get some quotes for party trays to have at Bridal Benchmark. We were both floored at how much it would cost to feed as few as 25 people! Sandwich places cost upward of $100 even though each sandwich is only 4 inches! Qdoba cost $9 PER PERSON. Chicken restaurants, such as Chick-fil-a and Zaxby’s, wanted an outrageous amount for a plate of chicken that would only feed 10, which means we would have to get 2! All this got me to thinking: Why is catering so expensive?

It had never crossed my mind that it could be so expensive to feed that few of people. In my sorority, we often have places like Jimmy John’s, Subway, or Mad Mushroom cater to us. I can’t even imagine how much that must cost for 150 girls! I understand that you get what you pay for which is why places with a higher quality of food are going to cost more than for say, a pizza place. There is normally one price for catering, which is a major up charge from ordering the same thing on the regular menu. Many say that you are paying for the luxury of having the food prepared just for you and possibly even delivered.  One must decide what they think this ‘luxury’ is truly worth to them, and then how much they are willing to pay.

An idea that we played with, was cooking something at home and then bringing it in to the studio. With that you have to think about buying all the ingredients, the time it would take to make the food, transporting it from one location to another, and then of course the clean up, both on-site and at home. And let’s be honest, neither of us have the time for that!  There are many pros and cons to both options, but for us this week the answer is PIZZA.