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Intern Austin!

My name is Austin, I am currently interning at Simply Love Studio on Mondays and I work at the Cardome Center Tuesday thru Friday preparing for events/ weddings. I love design and making people love the space that they are in. I feel weddings are the best way for me to be able to do that, simply because a wedding is the happiest day of the bride & groom’s life, so the areas around them should help to contribute to that. Space & design of that space I believe can truly make or break an event like that, or any event for that matter.

So far at Simply Love I have learned just how much every last little detail really matters & can make such a huge difference. I have also learned how important networking is and how to make your business truly thrive and become well-known to the bridal industry.  I want to go further though in my education of event planning/ wedding coordinating, so  I am currently looking at an event management & tourism degree. I know this will be a tremendous help in my future career because then I will be educated in the business aspect of things while Simply Love Studio & Cardome help me with the ‘hands on’ part of weddings. Knowing both sides (the clean up & the set up) has given me a whole new respect for the people in this industry.

I plan to be coordinating and designing weddings with in the next year or two. I have always dreamt of design from a young age, so I know once I learn more about the business details and all the extra things that just don’t come to mind when you get all excited about planning big events. I will be more than ready to jump into the design world of weddings.



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