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To cancel your consultation or not?

To cancel your consultation or not?

I just wanted to share a quick note with Brides.  I know this is your first time planning and it can be super overwhelming in so many areas.  Venues, food, cake, bridesmaids, the list goes on.  I typically recommend meeting with 2 vendors in each category, just to compare price, personality and make sure the vendor is the best fit for you.  So, what if you have those 2 meetings scheduled and you meet with the first vendor in the particular area and absolutely want to book them on the spot – that is totally okay, BUT what do you do about that other consultation you have booked?  Do you tell them? Do you just skip it?  Do you go and pretend you haven’t booked anyone? What do you do?  It’s very simple.  A 30 second phone call or quick email to the vendor letting them know you will no longer need your consultation time.  You don’t have to tell them why, you don’t have to say you’ve booked someone, you don’t have to give any excuse, just be courtesy and let them know.

Vendors take a lot of time and effort prepping for your consultation, it’s as important to them as it is to you, so when they show up for it and you don’t – it kinda sucks. Don’t be scared, don’t feel intimated, I promise they won’t be mad that you canceled. 🙂

xo, Sarah

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